Middleboro Gas and Electric Solar Rebate Program

The New MLP Solar Rebate Program is Now Available for Residents in Middleborough and Lakeville

Middleboro Gas and Electric Solar Rebate Program Overview

As of June 2019, Middleboro Gas and Electric is now participating in the Municipal Light Plant Solar Program Rebate. This program supports residents services by MGED who wish to install a new solar energy array on their homes for energy use. The Municpal Light Plant Solar Program will match the incentive given by Middleboro Gas and Electric. Combined the rebate comes to $1.20 per watt of the solar array installed. Customers of Middleboro Gas and Electric can qualify for this program if their system meets certain requirements that will maximize energy production with little interference from shade.

Reliable Solar Solutions will prepare and assist in all document preperation and submissions on behalf of the client.


Program Highlights:

  • $1.20 per watt of newly installed solar production (for example at 3KW system would qualify for a $3,600 rebate; a 7KW system would qualify for $8,400 rebate; a 10KW system would qualify for $12,000 rebate)
  • Financing options are available though the Mass Solar Loan program with low interest and fixed rates for qualified residents

Please note: funds are limited and the program is subject to be discontinued or suspended at any time once those funds are depleted

Meet Artie “The Solar Guy” Leonard

Reliable Solar Solutions was founded by Fairhaven native Artie Leonard, affectionately referred to as “Artie the Solar Guy”. Artie spent several years working for large national solar companies, Artie just felt like the local community wasn’t being served the best it could. Inspired by sustainable solar technology and the lack of customer service from the “big guys”, Artie set out to help fill the need for clean energy sourcing in our region and formed, Reliable Solar Solutions.

“Artie and his team were a pleasure to deal with!”

When we started looking into solar we had so many questions. So many I felt bad for Artie, but he and his team were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Thank you so much for all of your help, the system looks great and is working well. 

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